Monday, March 7, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Hero Toys Fair at Bugis Junction

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) Hero Toys Fair at Bugis Junction Level 1 Hylam Street and Malay Street is now on till 27 March 2016. With three stores in Action City, Simply Toys and BHG participating at the fair, there are lots of cool merchandise and collectibles to check out.

Photo Op! Action City has the Hot Toys life-sized statue of Armoured Batman watching the store. This one is different from the one exhibited at Bugis+.  

The Hot Toys BvS Batman and Superman 1/6 collectible figures are available for pre-order. They each come with bonus items if you order at the event. And if you order both figures you can get an additional exclusive 1/6 scale Batman Tech Cowl accessory.

The Hot Toys BvS Cosbaby series. Limited stocks are available for purchase at the fair.

Also available from Action City is the first series of the Mighty Jaxx XXRay DC Justice League. See what the heroes look like on the inside.

The League will be expanding. Upcoming figures include the following.

The Mafex Wonder Woman and Armoured Batman. This is something I've been eyeing. Looks good! I've already made my pre-order!

Over to Simply Toys now where the Funko Pop! BvS assortment is first launched here. Aquaman is exclusive to Simply Toys and is available at the event.

I also spotted the latest assortment of LEGO DC Super Heroes.

And here are some other items available. Selected items are at special prices.

BHG has various items available ranging from toys to bags, kids' apparel and so on. In terms of toys if you haven't been able to find certain items in stores, there's a good opportunity to get them here. The BvS Hot Wheels assortment is there too. 

The above are just some of the merchandise available. Don't forget that there's also a BvS event at Bugis+ if you're heading to the fair. Thanks for viewing!

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