Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WWE Create a Superstar Knight, Crime Fighter and Referee Accessory Packs

I'm always on the look out for props and accessories for use with my figures. I haven't been keeping up with WWE things and I was surprised to see they had these. They looked suitable and so I promptly got them.  Just how suitable? Well I tried them out with some 6" scale lines. Let's take a look.

Here are the sets out of the package. The torch, briefcase, video camera and the whole Crime Fighter pack will definitely come in handy. The sculpt is there on the accessories but they really could use some paint detail. The torso attires have either pegs or straps to secure them to the figure. The following is labelled as the "Knight Pack" on the package but it really is more of a Gladiator set to me. 

Knight Pack

Referee Pack

Crime Fighter Pack

Which brings me to the Triple H Glaidator set. The Knight pack is very suited for him. Everything fits well here. 

As with on WWE Elite figures. Normal sized ones that it. Wear-ability of the head wear depends on the figures' hair and facial hair. I had to squeeze the helmet on Daniel Bryan for example. It's a very tight fit.

The attires are not suitable for the female figures. They however can hold some of the accessories. 

With Marvel Legends it's too big for the Bucky Cap mould, okay on the Wolf Cap body and I think fits best on the Hyperion body. The head wear is too big but is workable. The accessories are a little too big but can be squeezed in their hands if you don't mind stretching them for a bit.  

The attires are too big in the following examples. They can hold some of the accessories.

It's quite fun putting them in the different attires. I forgot to mention that the briefcase can be opened.

Hope this gives you some idea on the suitability of the WWE Create A Superstar Accessory Packs. Thanks for viewing!

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