Thursday, March 31, 2016

DC Multiverse - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman & Wonder Woman

The other two DC Multiverse Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice figures from the first wave, Batman and Wonder Woman. 

Batman looks pretty good. I think he's got a nice head sculpt. There's a good likeness and I think they got the shape right. I especially like the textured mask. The eyes were well painted. There's a bit of black wash across his mouth to give him a five o'clock shadow. It appears to me more like dirt though. He has quite a bulky appearance in the movie and it shows here. There's nice detail on his costume. You can see the stitching and wrinkles. I feel the colour of it is too light and would have preferred it to be of a darker tone. The logo, gloves and boots are all textured. The tip of his boots are plated and so too his knuckles. The belt was sculpted on. The pouches look worn thanks to some black brushed on the gold. The cape is pretty light and flexible. The end is jagged and torn rather than cut into points which I feel works well with a live action Batman. There's one issue with the figure and that is the way the legs were sculpted. See how they curve in at the knees and the point feet pointing diagonally to the sides. It looks odd and causes problems when posing.

I must have watched a different movie. I don't recall Wonder Woman's attire being that bright. I guess we can forgive them for it since they need time to produce the figure and may not have had the final look at the time. The sculpt is great though, aside for one glaring thing and that's her elbows. The joint is awful. Is she wearing fake forearm gloves? There's lots of nice sculpted detail on her attire. The "skirt" portion of her attire is flexible and allows for leg articulation. It's textured and there are even some slash marks and dents on it. Her bracers and boots are strapped on to her forearms and legs respectively. I find the straps distracting and would have preferred if they were one piece. She wears a strap across her chest. It's a separate piece stuck on. I would have preferred it to be strapped on top of her costume instead of having some of it tucked in into her attire. Equipped on the right is her Lasso of Truth which I find too small. On the left side is a loop where she can carry her sword. The head sculpt is decent. There's some likeness too Gal Gadot. I think her face is a little too wide. Her hair has good shape and detail. There's a bit of black shading with the brown. It's made of very stiff plastic and does not allow head articulation. 

Accessories. You expect Batman to come with something but no. There's only just the Bat shape Collect and Connect piece. Wonder Woman comes with a sword and shield, and also another base piece for the CnC Grappel Gun.

Wonder Woman's shield is an awesome piece. There's lots of detail on it. It's textured. The bird image was sculpted and there's inscription running round the circumference of it. Very nice! The handles on the inside looks great too. Again there's great sculpted detail. And I like the gold with the black. The handles don't have much allowance and you have to force her hand through to get her to hold it.

Now here's the annoying part. The handle was put on wrongly... In the movie Wonder Woman carries her shield with her left hand. If we do that with the figure the bird image would be upside down. I suppose we can have her switch it to her right but really...

The sword was also very well done. There's great detail on the handle and blade. There's also inscriptions on the blade. I can make out some of it. C H I N A. Wait a minute... She's able to hold the sword well in either hand.

Articulation. Batman has got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, wrist swivel, ab crunch, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge and ankle hinge. He can hardly look up or down. The ab crunch is quite pointless as it can only move a bit. I would have liked if he could raise his legs more. But that doesn't matter with how his legs were sculpted. It only looks okay when he's standing straight. Once the knees are bent it'll look awkward and can he can barely stand.  

Wonder Woman has a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, swivel hinge elbows, wrist swivel, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge and ankle hinge. She can hardly move her head. 

It's hard to find good poses for these two. They are very frustrating. I think I spent at least 2 hours fiddling with them and I only have these few pics for you. I also couldn't find my Doomsday figure... Did I even buy it? I think I did. 

Comparison shots. Looking at the Trinity Superman is on the small side. And I think Wonder Woman is a little too tall.

The figures look okay. The articulation is frustrating. I suggest waiting for a discount before picking them up. You might want to check out the figures from other toy companies as well. Thanks for viewing!


Toku Central Blog said...

How about as a nod to the Justicleague cartoon, a pic of Diana flirting with Bruce or a comic Panel relating to them meeting as civilians.

Norberto Silva said...

Excellent review! I have both figures and loved both ... You want to do reviews of Flash, Flash Reverse and the Arrow?
Please say yes ...

Jason said...

Toku - Unfortunately I don't have figures of them in civilian attire.

Nolberto - I didn't get those figures. I'm eyeing the ones from DC Collectibles.