Saturday, August 17, 2013

300th Post: Marvel Super Hero Squad Collection

It's the 300th post! That was fast. I thought I wouldn't reach it for at least another 3 months. Can't say I'm too surprised though. Instead of a few I've been putting up almost all the figures from a new wave. By posing and taking shots of the figures I find I appreciate them more. It used to be putting them in the shelf or just bagging them after fiddling with them for awhile. I've also attended more events in recent times. There's not much to do during the weekends so I may as well go for these events for a change. I'm liking Japanese pop culture more and more.

Some site news. There's some problems with the formatting of my blog. I used to be able to put two vertical pics side by side. Majority of the older posts are affected and if I try to correct it, something else goes wrong. So for future posts, the images will follow one after the other. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can post a comment or email me at

Right for my 300th post, I'll like to share with you my Marvel Super Hero Squad collection. But before we get to that, I'll like to thank you for visiting my blog!

I love Super Hero Squad.(SHS). They are so cute. I should have collected them right from the start but I was thinking to myself back then if I should be building another Marvel Universe. I guess you know how that turned out. I limited myself to a few of the A-listers initially. Fast forward a sale or two later and I found I had quite a number and that's when the collection really began. I think that was around the time the Super Hero Squad cartoon came out. I had a lot of catching up to do and some of the early packs were going for high prices. Not all the waves were released locally and I had to get them from ebay. Then there were the US TRU Collector's Packs and several SHS four-packs which were particularly hard to get. I had to sell some Marvel Legends to fund some of the purchases, one of which was the Red Hulk wave Wolverine...

I collected the line till around the first Captain America and Thor movies. I started losing interest as many of the figures being released were repaints with the odd new figure sprinkled in. I have almost all the unique comic based characters up till the Thor movie sets. One figure which I don't have is Shang Chi. I'm not actively looking for him. But if you have him and letting go at a decent price I may be interested.

Sorry for the wall of text. It's time for the pics! Some characters have several versions. Those you see are what I use for display. Click on the images to enlarge.

This next group are figures which should have been in the images above but I somehow missed putting them in.

Normally when I get my toys I'll open them up. Not with this 2-pack though. It would hurt greatly if I did. 

The same goes for these two sets.

The Battle at Red Skull's Lair set was not difficult to get. It's just that the display shelf was full so I didn't take Bucky out. I forgot about him when I was taking the photos.

This next set is a little bit special as it was signed by Matt Fraction. The downside about it though is I won't be opening it and I have no Rescue figure to display.

Here's the SDCC 2010 Exclusive SHS set featuring The Mayor, Dr Doom and Iron Man based on their appearance in the SHS cartoon. The loose Dr Doom and Reptil were regular releases. 

Here's a couple of the movie figures. 

Just for fun. Here are the top 3 characters in terms of quantity in the SHS line. What you see in the pics is just a sample. I don't have all the versions and variations and I certainly don't want more, unless it's something that really catches my eye. 

Something extra for you. I doubt I'll be posting about them so here's my small Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes and G.I.Joe Combat Heroes collections. I picked up almost all them when they were on clearance. I won't be chasing down those I'm missing. But if you like to donate them to my collection, I'll take them. LOL.   

The SHS collection used to occupy four shelves. I needed space for other things so it's down to two now. I have the least trouble with them as they rarely fall, even if the shelf is knocked.

That's all for now. I hope you like what you see and continue to visit my blog.

Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

Congrats on post #300! :)

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

GREAT post! Loved seeing all those, what a collection. Congrats- I love reading this blog :)

Jason said...

Thanks all!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hey your collection is amazing, I loved it and I am from mexico to mention that some were painted or retouched, my question is with what kind of paint I can retouch