Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Armoured Batman & Superman

How did you like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? I thought it was okay. It's worth the admission. I felt the trailers showed practically all the good parts. The movie went the way I thought it would. The first half was a little slow and choppy. One thing I don't get. (Highlight the text). And that's why was Superman blamed for the deaths of the terrorists when most of them were shot. They also went out of their way to spoon feed the other League members which I thought could have been done better. It got better towards the end. I felt Superman could have done more to address his situation but then we wouldn't have them fight if that were so would we. 

Batman was good! Especially in the action sequences. I would have liked him to be more in control though, if you get what I mean. Superman was okay. The movie showed a different Lex than what we're used to. He came across more like the Riddler. I liked that he figured out Batman and Superman's true identities. It shows how brilliant he is. Brilliant and then crazy, which is what don't get. The effects from the Kryptonian ship perhaps. Like most others I enjoyed Wonder Woman's appearance. The way she screamed and leapt into battle reminded me a lot of the JLU cartoon. I can't wait to see her in her own movie. 

Phew did I type all that. Here's a look at the two main men, Armoured Batman and Superman.

Batman has a neat set of armour on. You need whatever gear you can get when going up against Superman. He's got a great head sculpt. I really like the shape and size of it. There's lots of nice sculpted detail too. There's dents and scratches on it. I would have liked if maybe there was more paint for his eyes. Then we can get the glowing look for it maybe, All the armour sections were sculpted. Like the helmet there are dents and slash marks on it. He's got a strap across his chest and his belt was sculpted as well. The belt has gold a tinge to it and looks heavily worn. Gun metal colour was used for the armour. There's also some shading on it. I like that they painted the back of him as well underneath the cape. The sections without armour are plain dark grey. They could have used a little paint as they look plasticky. There are spikes at the sole of his boots which I like. That along with his pretty heavy cape causes him to fall backwards easily though. The cape has a nice shape and is textured. 

Superman is almost the exact same figure as the Movie Masters Man of Steel version. I always liked the textured detail of his costume. The head is different. There's also small changes to the belt and boots. And his suit is a shiny, lighter blue colour. If it were of a little darker tone I think I would like it better. They seem to have missed painting the border of his S logo. I'll need to go check on that. 

I can't say I like this new head sculpt. Maybe it's because of the slanted eyebrows and the badly painted eyes. His hair is combed back and slick to match his look in this movie. He's got a square "buckle" now and there's gold painted for it and the strips at his waist. The boots have an extended bit at the top. It looks a little awkward to me.

Accessories. Batman comes with a gun and the smaller piece of the Collect and Connect (CnC) Grappel Blaster in the following. Superman only comes with the handle of the CnC Grappel Blaster. I like the sculpted detail on the handle. The base is adequate enough for the handle to stand. 

Must Batman really use the gun. Maybe in the Cinematic Universe. The gun has great sculpted detail. Batnan's grip of it is very tight. It takes some wiggling to have him hold it. And the way his hands are angled it causes the back portion of the gun to be bent. 

Articulation. Batman has got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge forearm swivel, wrist swivel, ab crunch, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge, and ankle hinge. He can barely look up and down. The ab crunch is quite useless. It only allows him to arh backwards one notch. I really wish Mattel would make ankle pivots.

Superman has got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, wrists hinge, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, thigh swivel, knee hinge and ankle hinge. He can only look up and down just a bit. 

Comparison shots. I like that Batman is bigger than Superman. This is how it was.

Both are decent figures. Mattel should really try to improve the articulation. Thanks for viewing!

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Cool Batman! I wonder how he fits with the Arkam series.