Sunday, February 11, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Ghost Rider with Bike

It's been an exciting past couple of weeks hasn't it, with new Marvel Legends popping up here and there. Things are a little slower over here but it looks like the new stuff are finally starting to trickle in. Here's a look at Ghost Rider with his bike.

This is the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. It's pretty much the same figure as the one we got in the Rhino BAF series. There are some differences, good ones in fact which I think make the figure more attractive. Can I say that about a skull-faced character? Why not! First the head is now solid coloured. The skull portion truly looks like aged bone. I love the look! There's actually red eyes painted in the sockets which I you won't be able to make out in the pics. I would have preferred if the interior of the sockets were black instead of brown so he'll look more menacing. It kinda seems like there's mud in his eyes the way it is. The other difference is the colour of his costume. It's now dark blue with bright blue painted on line deco. I love these colours for the more classic appearance.  

A close up of the head. Fearsome! Very nice!

Ghost Rider comes with a flaming chain, his bike and several flame effect pieces and parts which you see below.  

The chain has good detail on it. It's just too clean for my liking and could use some dark shading. It's also flexible. Maybe too flexible. I would have liked if it were a bit stiffer. As it is the chain tends to droop down when he's holding it.

And now the bike which was the main reason for getting this set. It's essential to the character and I'm glad Hasbro finally decided to give us one. Here's the bike without the add on parts. It's a pretty cool bike which I wouldn't mind using for other characters if not for the translucent yellow tires and that bit of flame stuck on the rear fender. I believe the flame can be removed but I won't be doing that unless I get another piece. There's nice detail all round. There's good sculpted detail for the engine and the tyre rims. The tyres have some treads sculpted on. And the seat is textured. Nice! The metals parts though having a bit of shine to them look a little "plasticky".

The bike requires the use of the stand located underneath in order to remain upright. It looks awkward when someone's riding the bike but I don't think there's an easier way around that. The stand is on a hinge and may be swung up should you require a proper shot.

The handlebar comes separate from the bike and is easily pegged on. A sticker is used for the speedometer. There's a hinge for steering so you can have the bike turning left or right. The hand grips were painted. You'll need to be careful not to scrape off the paint like I have when getting a figure to grip them. 

Here's how various figures look on the bike. It's pretty good I must say. But the wheels...arrrgghhhhh.

Then of course Ghost Rider. Something's lacking in the following pic.

That's where the flame effect pieces and skull front come in. There, much better! The wheels don't look too out of place now. The big flames peg into the exhaust pipes while the smaller set peg onto the front suspension. The skull front pegs onto the headlight as well as clip onto the front bars. The front flames come off quite easily. On my bike anyway.  

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, jaw hinge, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. Though there's no neck hinge, he can look up and down quite decently. He can also cock his head. 

Comparison shots.

This is a great set to get! The bike is nice but I find myself appreciating the figure more. Thanks for viewing! 


Kim Dubuisson said...

That bike is so cool.

J Hernandez said...

Hah, I love the Akira homage! Great stuff, Jason!

Jason said...

@JHernandez Wow! Someone actually noticed.

Top Shelf Toy Store said...

Is it possible to place the blue flame head on the other ghost riders?