Sunday, January 14, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Invincible Iron-Man (Okoye BAF Series)

The last figure from the Okoye BAF series, the Invincible Iron-Man!

It's been awhile since we last got a comic based Iron-Man figure. This here is based on his All New All Different Marvel appearance. The figure turned out great. The proportions are good. It's sleek and has a good amount of sculpted detail. The colours are great too. Most of the armour was cast in metallic red while the gold and gun metal for sections of the interior was painted. Is he still using an arc reactor? I don't know. I haven't been keeping up. Anyway there are visible paint defects on his arc reactor to my annoyance.

Accessories. He comes with an unmasked head, an additional pair of open hands, a blaster and two repulsor effect pieces. The open hands don not have hinges on them oddly. I hope this isn't the norm for future figures. Still I must say they look great when swapped in. 

The unmasked head has a good likeness to how he appeared in the comics. You may not be able to make out but there are some facial lines in the sculpt. The moustache and beard were also sculpted and there's nice detail for the hair. I'm not too fond of it though as I feel it has too much of an animated look to fit in with other Marvel Legends figures. 

From what I read this suit of armour is able to form weapons, such as a blaster. The blaster has some some nice sculpted detail on it. I would have liked if it had a bit of paint detail. The blaster may be clipped on to either forearm. For that added effect you can stick a repulsor effect piece in the front.

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel hinge wrists (fist hands only), ab crunch, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down well. The ab crunch allows one click forward and one click back. The best bit are the shoulders. The way they did his armour the arms can be brought closer together more than usual allowing for better posing like in the following pic. Very nice! 

Comparison shots.

Great figure! Love the articulation. Thanks for viewing!

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looks great this iron man!