Thursday, January 4, 2018

Revoltech Figure Complex Movie Revo Zootopia Judy Hopps

Officer Hopps reporting in. 

I love Zootopia! Getting Judy was a no-brainer, especially when she has this much articulation. This is more my cup of tea compared to the Tomy figures. Judy is a great looking figure. She looks so cute! Oops. I'm not supposed to say that, unless I were a bunny. It's awkward for her you know. Anyway there's great fur detail. Her ears, head and exposed parts of her hands and feet are textured. Look closely and you can make out her nails. They were painted a dull gold which help them stand out a little. The eyes really make the figure. They have a shine to them and make her seem more lifelike. Her vest and police badge were sculpted. I love the shine of her badge. The belt is a separate piece. It has several pouches and compartments, including a place for a can of fox repellent. I like that they painted the buckle and studs.

Accessories. She comes with four additional face plates, an extra pair of open hands, an extra right gripping hand, her carrot pen, a base and stand. I would have liked if she had more accessories. Her traffic duty hat and vest for instance. 

Including her default smiling face, she has a total of five different face plates. The other expressions are sneaky, proud, shock and sad. The proud face with the awkward looking smile looks off to me and kinda creepy. I'm fine with the rest. Her ears have articulation which allows her to be even more expressive. 

The carrot pen has good detail on it. It even has the button for the recording function. She can hold it well in her hand. I would have liked if she were able to store in on her belt.

Articulation. She has Revoltech joints at her ears, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, tail, knees and ankles. There are ball joints at her mid torso, waist and hips.  

Comparison shots.

Love the figure! Now I can't wait for Nick to be released. Thanks for viewing!

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Zach C. said...

Amazing pics as always! I'll definitely be picking this figure up.