Sunday, December 31, 2017

figma Overwatch Tracer

Last post for the year. I thought I'll put up someone chirpy. Here's a look at the figma Overwatch Tracer.

I did not play Overwatch for long to be honest. I think my stint lasted about a month before I stopped. I don't know, I just didn't feel like playing... I love the characters though. I enjoy watching the cinematic shorts. They really should make a movie. It'll be a hit!

On to the figure. Once in awhile you across a something which makes you go "Wow". Tracer is one such figure. She is simply gorgeous! The likeness is superb. It's like she stepped right out from the screen. I love the hair, love the goggles, love her attire. The colours really pop, especially the yellow which transitions to orange of her tights. There's quite a bit of detail. You can make out the seams of her aviators jacket. Also you can see that the material is stretched in certain areas and has creases. What's more, the interior of the jacket is textured. Outstanding! The pattern down the sides of her tights were sculpted. There's great paint detail. I like that the straps, zips and buckles were painted. There's also tiny characters printed on her equipment as well. One minor thing which I don't like is  the blue light of the Chronal Accelerator. It's not actually a light, rather it's a blue piece of plastic stuck in. It looks okay when you view it from the front. View it from the side though and it looks awkward.  

Close up of her sleeves. The printing was very well done. Here you can also better see the textured interior of her aviator's jacket. Very nice!

Accessories. She comes with two additional alternate face plates, two Pulse Pistols, a Pulse Bomb, three extra sets of hands (open hands, gun holding hands, gripping hands), a semi-open right hand, a left hand with two fingers extended, a base and a stand.

Her three different facial expressions. The default is a neutral smiling face, the second is an excited expression and the third has a confident cocky look. She is looking to her left with the confident look. This really helps in pulling off some of her iconic poses. A note when switching the face plates, take care not to pull too much on the googles area as they may come off. The goggles were only glued on at the sides. 

The Pulse Pistols have nice sculpted detail on them. Good paint detail too. She can grip them very well. 

Articulation. She has revolver joints at the neck, elbows, wrists, torso, knees and ankles. Her shoulders have double revolver joints, meaning you can pull the whole arm downwards to a certain extent. There are ball joints at the hips and swivel for the leg. And there's also toe hinge. There's lots of nice poses she can do. She can look down well. Up, not so much due to her hair and the collar. Another minor issue is that the joints at the elbows along with the rolled up sleeves come off quite easily on my figure. It'll hold the pose. It's whenever you change it's position where it can get rather annoying. And I would have loved if she were able to bend forwards more.

Comparison shots.

Awesome figure! Great likeness and great articulation. I highly recommend getting it. Before I go I like to wish everyone a great 2018 ahead! Thanks for viewing!


Kim Dubuisson said...

Gorgeous figurine. Might get it for my son.

Unknown said...

its beautifull!