Thursday, March 31, 2011

K-On! Figma Ui Hirasawa

I originally intended to just get the five Light Music Club members. But due to timing of things, Nodoka became available which I bought. That left me just one away from a complete set. As you can see, I broke and bought Ui as well.

Ui is the younger sister of Yui. She is only a year younger. She is more mature and responsible. She and Yui are very close. She constantly worries for Yui and takes good care of her.   

This figure is a con exclusive.  

Shes got articulation for her pigtail. Its also removeable. I don't see much point to it though.

Very happy with the bags. Now I wished I had more. Also wished she had a hairpiece so as to look like Yui. 

There's a removeable cover for the bag handles. Its pretty loose. The handles itself can be pulled apart so you can put in the figures hand easily.

She comes with a hand with a castanet. Its meant for Yui. The significance of it comes from the very first episode of the series where Yui was thinking of what instrument she could play if she joined the Light Music Club.

That scene went something like this. 

Ui and Yui look very alike. Ui once fooled the other members of the Light Music Club into thinking that she was her sister.

She worries about her sister a lot.

She is friends with and in the same class as Azusa.

All the pics can be viewed here.


Lobo said...

Nice! My Ui is under way too.
Silly question, though: in that picture with Azu-Nyan, is that school desk from an Evangelion figure? It looks very much like a couple of desks from Rei/Asuka school versions I have stored somewhere... Thanks.

Jason said...

Thanks! That school desk came with the Figma adult version of Mikuru Asahina.

Lobo said...

Thanks, I guess I'll have to improvise something ;)