Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Revoltech Iron Man

I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. Had a lot of fun posing and fiddling around with it.       

I like how the toy is showcased on the packaging. Really illustrates what it can do. Something you don't often see with mainstream lines where its usually just a picture.  

Iron Man looks good. Lean and mean. His neck and arms seem a bit long though. Paint wise its not the best. I had to go through several pieces to find one I was happy with. 

He's got various interchangeable hands. I like how the bit of plastic on the back of his hands are flexible.  

Articulation is great as you would expect. The shoulder pads and knee covers can be moved too. He can do some classic poses properly. 

The blast pieces and base add to the fun.

You can attach the side pieces of the base to his feet for some flight poses.

Revoltech compared with Hasbro's.

Sculpt. I like both. If I had to pick one Hasbro's get my vote but only just. The torso has a smoother look and has more bulk. 

Articulation. The winner is obvious.  

Size. Revoltech Iron Man is a little shorter than Hasbro's. Not too concerned wtiht this, I'll just use whichever is more suited with other characters.           

For instance, Revoltech Iron Man makes Titanium Man look slightly better height wise.

A great figure to get. It cost the same as Titanium Man but offers more value and fun. I hope we get more Revoltech Marvel and DC figures.

I got some more pics. These shown here and more can be viewed at my gallery.
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