Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justice League Unlimited Joker / Batman / Gray Ghost

Next up, JLU Batman and Joker in BTAS style and Gray Ghost 3-pack. This set is not the first time the line visits characters from other DC animated series. We already got the Gotham 4-pack, Batman Beyond and old Bruce Wayne to name a few.   

The repaints are pretty good. Love the Batman in particular. The blue in his cape makes all the difference and brings out the feel of the BTAS.  

Gray Ghost is the only new character in this 3-pack. He appeared in BTAS and his costume and poster could also be seen  in Batman Beyond and JLU.

The head is well done. It bears a very good likeness. Love the goggles and cape. Would be happier if  he had straight legs. The body could be used for an Alfred custom in chauffeur outfit.     

Some animated Batmans I use for display. This repaint is fast becoming my favourite.

And a quick look of some animated Jokers. I seem to have misplaced the BTAS one.

They changed the card design on the repaint. It's now the jack of diamonds. Don't recall any significance. It should be a joker's face in the centre.  

I've been wanting the whole DC animted universe in the same scale. I'm poor at doing customs. Guess I need more practice. In the mean time, I can strike 3 characters off the to do list.    


Al Imoney said...

These went FAST ! Glad i got one! =D

Jason said...

That's great ! I think this is tougher to get than the Warlord 3-pack.