Wednesday, March 30, 2011

K-On! Figma Azusa Nakano

Azusa is a guitarist and is the only junior member of the Light Music Club. She is a year younger than all the other members. She's better with the guitar than Yui who would ask her for help on playing. She takes things seriously most of the time and wishes that the other club members would practice playing music more.  

Another lovely figure. Her left leg seems longer than her right on my figure though. Students of different grades are distinguishable by the colour of their ribbons and shoes. Azusa's is red.  

Shes got articulation for her pigtails. It makes it easier to put on her guitar and case. 

Love that they gave her the cat-ears.

So I'll start there. Yui nicknamed her Azunyan after she wore the ears and meowed like a cat. "Nyan being the Japanese equivalent for meow". I got that from Wiki. I googled and think the actual word should be "Nya". One step further, I found out the Japanese word for cat is "Neko".  

She does not like the antics of her seniors.

Yui likes to offer her cake and other snacks. 

She worries about being all alone when the senior members graduate. She would run to to the music room to see if they were there. 

The others bought a turtle which they named Ton for Azusa to look after and keep her company. 

A turtle is easier to look after than a cat.

All the pics can be viewed here.
That covers all the members of the Light Music Club. 

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