Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justice League Unlimited Warlord and Deimos

This is the final year for JLU according to Mattel. It's my favourite DC line. I'm glad we got so many figures and look forward to the remaining releases. Though I wished it was more easily available. I know its tough to find for those in the US, but it is even more difficult and more costly for collectors overseas. Anyway, my first JLU purchase this year is the Warlord / Supergirl / Deimos 3-pack.

Don't know much about Deimos. Just that he was a sorceror who planned to rule Skataris. A pretty nice figure with a decent likeness. Interesting costume. Think it's more suited for a sorceress though.

Warlord is my favourite of this 3-pack. He's got some nice sculpted parts. The shoulder pad and belt buckle for instance. Looks like something of Lobo's. The loin cloth is nice too. Wished they could have sculpted the boots too. The helmet he's got on resembles that of Thor. I won't be surprised if I see some JLU Thor customs popping up. 

Don't think these two were high on anyones want list but they are still good additions and bring us a step closer to getting all the characters that appeared on the show.

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