Sunday, March 27, 2011

K-On! Figma Mio Akiyama

Mio is the bassists and also does vocals where the situation calls for it. I prefer Yui's singing overall but for certain songs, I prefer Mio's. She's more mature and responsible, and has to keep the group in check at times. She is a very popular girl and is often made fun of. I like to say I feel for her but in truth I want to see more of it for her reactions.

I cannot say this enough, the figure has a very good likeness. Her long straight hair is nicely done but it can be a bit of an incovenience, especially when putting on her bass guitar or carry case.

All the figures come with interchangeable heads, hands and shoes. I'll try to show all the accessories in use in the pics.  

Her base guitar has nice details. In fact, all the instruments are well done. She got influenced by Yui and named her guitar Elizabeth. She takes good care of it. 

Mio is left handed by the way.

Her instrument case has only one strap. There is also a buckle to use with it. Took me awhile to put it on but I got it done eventually. Its more for appearances than function. It is difficult to pose Mio with the case. Her hair gets in the way of properly slinging it on her shoulder. Its keeps sliding off and taking the figure down with it. 

Mio is very good in her studies.

She has a camera with her and likes to snap pictures. Though I don't recall it being used in season 2.

She is easily embarassed...

and frightened to the extent that it paralyses her.

And she likes listening to music.

All the pics can be viewed here.
Next up will be Ritsu.

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