Monday, March 28, 2011

K-On! Figma Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu is the drummer and the self appointed president of the Light Music Club. She often neglects her resposibilites. She is loud and likes to fool around. She is also thoughtful and caring. I especially like her interactions with their mentor, Sawa-chan.

She stands out from the other K-On! figures as she wears her blouse tucked out and jacket open. Also her shiny forehead should capture your attention. Kidding about the shiny bit, but it does catches my camera's flash a lot.

The drum set is my favourite of all the instruments. It is something unique. I don't think there is any other figure that comes with a drum set. There are several parts to it for you to assemble together and is quite big. Hence Ritsu costs more than the other figures. A minor complaint is that the supports are not level and so the set slants to a side. 

Wish they included a normal face with her mouth closed. The drum sticks are pretty small so do take care not to lose them.

Ritsu is a childhood friend of Mio's and would often tease her.

Mio would respond with a smack to her head.

If one time was not enough, a second should do the trick.

She's enthusiastic when it comes to the fun stuff. 

She likes to take things easy.

In an effort to be noticed more on stage, she tried her hand at other instruments. 

If you're wondering about the V sign hand she's spotting in the pic above, it's from Mio's accessories.

All the pics can be viewed here.

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