Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Batman: the Brave and the Bold Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack

Got the Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack from the Batman: the Brave and the Bold line. We get three figures, namely Superman, Metallo and of course Batman. This pack is a bit of a surprise as it wasn't showcased at any of the toy cons. But I expected Superman to get a figure in this line.    

Superman is a pretty nice figure. He's got a fresh faced, friendly look. His head is a bit too rounded for my liking, looks like he's been having one too many donuts. Also wished they used a different body. The line above his S shield is rather unsightly.

Batman is pretty much the same figure we've seen before. This time he's mostly in black with a shiny, silver torso.

The figures use the standard bodies of this line. Holes on the limbs and back allow you to attach various accessoires.

Batman comes with a sword accessory. An odd choice of weapon but its cool looking. I like the bat design on it.

Metallo looks like a Cartoon Network character. The Grim Reaper maybe, or a villain in Secret Saturdays. Interesting design. Don't recall if he ever appeared like this. Not used to the colours but his size makes up for it. 

He can only move his arms. I forsee his extended arm being a problem when I set up a Brave and the Bold display shelf. He can hold other normal sized figures in his left hand and shake them. There's a spring catch at his fingers so he'll be able to hold figures firmly. 

Metallo has another cool feature. Push his chest to reveal various stages of battle damage. 

I mentioned Metallo holding other figures and shaking them. It's mainly a play feature. He cannot stand on his own while holding another figure.  

The figures are welcome addtions to the collection and I had fun playing with them. This pack good set to get. Unfortunately, it's not available locally.      

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