Friday, April 1, 2011

K-On! Figma Nodoka Manabe

Nodoka is a childhood friend of Yui's. She is intelligent and thoughtful. She would lookout for Yui and the Light Music Club, helping them on several occasions. She was the student council president during her final year. 

Nodoka is a con exclusive figure. Her glasses are removeable. It is quite fragile, do handle it with care. 

There's a catch in her hairpiece for her glasses. And for those who don't know, you switch faces by removing the front hairpiece and then replacing it. Creepy.

Nodoka looks a bit wierd without her glasses. Think its something with the eyes.

She comes with another blank face for Yui and also another sticker sheet to go with it. The drooly face is also for Yui as well.

She carries out her duties diligently.

Yui confides with Nodoka and seeks her opinion.

"They look soooo good !"

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