Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iron Man Legends Series Crimson Dynamo

Didn't think we get wave 1 and now wave 2 has showed up. Picked up Crimson Dynamo. Love that we are getting more 6" Marvel figures but not at the price they are going for at retail.

Overall a good figure. My main issue with it is paint, especially on the red areas. If I had waited a bit, I could have gotten a better piece from another store. But with some figures, its better to pick up the first one you see on sight.    

Articulation is similar to Titanium Man's. You can check him out here.

He cannot lift his arms up that much due to his armor, which also prevents him from...

... bending forward as much.

Crimson Dynamo comes with a launching "electricity" blast. The launcher fits better on his hand than Titanium Man's accsessory.

Some comparison shots.

"You're going down Iron Man !"

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Useless Reviews said...

Loved the last pic XD