Sunday, April 24, 2011

DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex

Finally got round to opening up DCUC 16. Jonah Hex is one of my favourites from this wave.

A great figure. Good sculpt with lots of detail.  His head is tilted downwards. What you see in the pics is as far as I can get his head up. The good thing though, is his eyes are looking upwards, so he can stare back at you.

His attire is weathered and dusty. His jacket is stained, torn and has a couple of bullet holes. 


His accessories include a shotgun and pistol which he can carry on person. The pistol is a bit soft and does not fit well in his holster. It drops out fairly easily.

The disfigured portion of his face. It's a little disturbing to look at.  

Great detail on his boots too. You can make out the threads on the sewn areas.

He cannot lift his legs much. The lower part of his jacket, although flexible, hinders him. 

Think I'll fiddle around with him for a bit before he goes onto the shelf. 

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