Thursday, April 21, 2011

DC Action League series 2

Another good looking set of DC Action League figures.  

Batman vs The Joker

This pack is the must get of this wave. Batman especially looks great. His expression is serious enough and he looks all action with batarang drawn and flowing cape. I also like the shade of blue they used.

He's also got extra articulation in the form of hinge joints on his shoulders.

The Joker is decent looking. One thing is, you can't turn him at his waist much as his coat tails get in the way.

A comparison with the Brave and the Bold versions. They have their own appeal, but I prefer the current DC Action League versions.

Green Arrow vs Prometheus

Like GA's head sculpt and his bright green colours. The way he is posed, he's going to shoot someone's head off.

Don't know anything about Prometheus. He looks a bit like Batman. His visor looks cool. A check on wiki says he can download abilities through it. Lucky for his white cape to give him some contrast and make him a bit more noticeable.

John Stewart vs Atrocitus

John Stewart has a good likeness. His lips seem a bit fat but thats okay for these figures.  Paint is pretty bad on my piece. Like the giant rings they're giving these guys.

Red, mean Atrocitus has a good head sculpt with some nice detail. He appears a bit bigger than the other figures. His shoulder pads are stuck in place and they do not get in the way of him moving his arms.

Tomar-Re vs Low

Like the "don't mess with me" look Tomar-Re is spotting. The figure looks good. Nice bright colours. Dislike figures with extended arms when they don't really need to be. They can be an incovenience on the display shelf.

Low looks pretty good. There's a black mark on his head on my piece which is not supposed to be there.

The League is starting to come together. Superman looks to be a bit small now.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i just scored some of these, I LOVE them :D
NICE pictures!

Jason said...

Thanks. They look good together. Think wave 3 is out in the US. Will be some time before I can get them.