Monday, May 30, 2022

Marvel Legends Series Bonebreaker BAF

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends Bonebreaker BAF.

First the parts list:

It may seem like a lot of parts but it's easy to put together. The only slight confusion you may have is the motor which should face front.

When put together the tank body is solid and compact. Any gap lines is minimal. A good thing is that it can be easily dismantled again should you have made a mistake assembling or want a battle damaged scene. 

Click images to enlarge.

On the front of the tank body is a gun metal coloured turret which has some nice detail on it. It is on ball joint and it can be aimed at various directions. The lights are a light yellow in colour. The body is heavily plated and it has various knocks and dents in it. There's a bit of silver paint at the front.which gives it a bit of a scratched up look.

Bonebreaker carries some barrels with him. They probably contain fuel for himself or for setting off an explosion. They are shiny silver in colour. The barrels have the hoops and the raised bit at the top for the lid. Now that's some nice bit of detail there. They also have some knocks and dents on them. There are holes on them where you can can peg them in and store them on the back. One thing though is that they look far too clean. 

The cage door may swing open and there's a little compartment behind it where you can place small items, such as his extra set of hands. Or a grenade for a action shot.

The view from the sides. There's more knocks and dents on the plated body. The wheels look really nice. You can make out the various parts and the nuts and bolts on them.

On the underside is more knocks and dents. And also a hatch. Don't the tank threads look great? Unfortunately they are not able to move.

A couple of isometric views.

And here's a view from the top. 

There's a vent on its right side and a panel on its left near the circular opening. There are two strips of anti slip plating at the back portion, and on them are pegs where you can stand a figure. You can stand more than one but then you'll have to deal with space and balance. The motor is highly detailed. I like that they painted the belt at the front.

The olive green reminds me a lot of G.I.Joe vehicles. The tank body is a little small for the 3.75" figures but we can make it work. There's enough space in the opening for a figure to stand.

Now for Bonebreaker himself. He seems a happy fellow. I love the crazed laughing look they gave him. I can imagine him wildly shooting at something. His teeth look chipped. Intentional or not I like it as it adds to his tough guy appearance. He has quite a bit of sculpted facial lines. There are wrinkles on his forehead. The eyes and eyebrows came out very well. There's great detail for his hair. It's just the single off white colour. The torso reuses the Cosmic Spider-man torso. The neck brace is the same one that came with Jigsaw. That, the gun metal bracelets and the harness thingy are separate pieces.  

His body is to be inserted into a waist connector thingy. The component has great detail on it. There's a red light indicator on the front, various silver tubes running out from the front and on the back, and has some protective plating at the sides. 

He looks a lot cooler and fiercer with the sunglasses down. The sunglasses are pegged in at the side of his head and is removable.

Putting the pieces together. Here's how he looks. Really nice!

He comes with an assault weapon of some sort. Again there's great detail on it. There's some silver paint at the barrel portion to show use and wear. Some shading at other areas would have been nice. 

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, swivel and up and down hinge wrists for the gripping hands ab crunch and waist rotation. He can look up and down well. The waist connector piece is quite stiff to turn. I prefer to lift him out and re-insert to change his facing. 

Comparison shots.

Great figure! I didn't think Hasbro would actually make Bonebreaker due to the tank body. Now I hope to see Pretty Boy. Thanks for viewing!

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Your creative pose choices never disappoint. Never stop doing what you do!