Saturday, June 4, 2022

Marvel Legends Series King Thor (Controller BAF)

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends King Thor from the Controller BAF series.

Thor has become very powerful in recent years. He's the King of Asgard, wielder of the Odinforce and also has the Power Cosmic. With new abilities must come a new costume. He's dressed in black while retaining the armoured arms and legs. This is an all new figure. There's great sculpted detail for the armoured sections. I like the metallic gun metal used. The torso and skirt piece is textured. It has the appearance of chainmail on close inspection. The bright white rune lines were sculpted on. At his waist is a loop where he would normally carry Mjolnir. His shoulder pads, gauntlets and boots are textured and leather like. There are spikes protruding from his gauntlets and the sides of his knee pads. His cape is long and flowy. On his right side you can see the white line continue down from his torso. The cape weighs him back a bit. And with his ankles not having good range he has some trouble standing straight.      

To better show you his armour. Very nice!

The interior of his cape is purple at the upper portion. It blends into the red towards the end.

This Thor will need some getting used to for me. He comes across as an evil character. Especially with that black sculpted headband and all white eyes. They did the eyes really well. There's some blue applied at the sides to show that his lightning abilities is in effect. Very nice! Click images to enlarge. He has a strong jaw and good facial features. His long blonde hair has some nice detail in it. There's no wash in it. It's just the plain colour. 

I tried some head swaps. The following are the better looking ones to me. Some other heads sit high or of a darker skin tone.

Accessories. He comes with an extra set of fists, Mjolnir, a lightning effect piece and two ravens. The included BAF part is the head of Controller.

Mjolnir is all blue in colour and translucent. There isn't any strap attached at the handle. The head looks to be a solid block with hardly any design on it. It does have some marks on it and is textured. His grip on Mjlonir is loose. The hammer will fall off easily.

It's looks odd for him to carry an all blue hammer. Adding the lightning effect piece enhances the look. Now at least we can tell it's lightning charged and not some toy hammer. I would have liked if he came with a normal looking Mjolnir.  

Thor inherited Odin's ravens. They are called Hugin and Munin, and they look awesome! They have excellent feathery detail on them. You can also make out their eyes and beak. Their feet are a little weak and they will have some trouble standing. 

It is possible to make them stand but the best is to prop them up or wedge their feet in something. In Thor's case his armour or hair will do.

The ravens will of course look great with Odin as well.

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, swivel hinge elbows, swivel and up and down hinge right wrist, swivel hinge left wrist, diaphragm joint, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He cannot look up or turn his head much due to his hair. He can look down okay. The shoulder pads are flexible and does not restrict arm articulation. The elbows bend about ninety degrees. He can bend forward and back a little bit at the diaphragm joint. He can tilt his body to the sides well. The ankle hinge is unable to hinge up. Meaning he is unable to do any running poses. 

The fists have the standard swivel hinge.

Comparison shots. He stands around the same height as the Marvel 80th Anniversary Thor. He's big but not overly big.

Great figure overall. There are some articulation issues and I would have liked a normal looking Mjolnir. I like the ravens. Thanks for viewing!

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