Monday, April 2, 2012

Young Justice Collect and Connect Hall of Justice

We don't get many playsets nowadays. Not that I want them, they are big and occupy a lot of space. But its nice to have a place for the figures to hang out. I think this collect and connect Hall of Justice is a good idea. It gives us somewhere to display our figures on and its slim enough to fit onto a shelf too. The thing which I don't like about this is how it was released.

There are 16 pieces which are packaged with 12 different single carded figures. The figures were spread across 3 waves. It took around 10 months just to complete this set. The last wave of figures, which is the third wave, was particularly hard to get. Of all the BAF and CnC series, I rate this the toughest and most frustrating to complete.

Assembling the Hall of Justice is easy. The pieces lock together tightly and are difficult to separate. It measures 57cm (around 22.5") in length and 31cm (around 12.2") in height to the tallest point. I actually don't have a proper place for it at the moment. I want to pack it up but I don't want to risk breaking the pegs.  Its a good representaion from the Young Justice cartoon. I would love if it had more steps.

Here's the back view.

Here's how it looks with the Young Justice figures. Its only okay for me. I feel the lowest letters should not be blocked by the figures. It just needed to be a little taller.

Here's some other lines you might want to try. Next up is JLU.

Batman Brave and the Bold.

I think Action League look the best with it. I'll most likely use it to display them on.

The DCUC Super Friends would love to have the place but of course they are too big for it. 

And finally, Marvel Universe. For if and when we get proper 3.75" scale DC figures.

Its a nice display piece. But as I mentioned before, its very frustrating to collect. Hope you have an easier time than me with your Hall of Justice. Thanks for viewing!


BigDaddyDarth said...

I have to give you major credit for getting the JLU to stand up like
All the figures I have from that line have major problems standing up.

That playset is pretty sweet too.
While the last set of figures are a little to big for it...they still dont look bad standing out front.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Nice Piece!

Jason said...

Just need to use more blu-tac on the JLU, they'll stand. But even with that some figures will still start leaning...

MOCK! said...

Any insight on which figure comes with which pieces? We got the first wave and some of the second....but we don't know which pieces/figures we are missing....

Jason said...

@Mock - Sorry I cant recall which piece came with what figure. I Googled it and you can find some info here.

MOCK! said...

Thanks, Jason!! I couldn't find the right combination to google!!