Friday, April 6, 2012

Gundam System Base 001

I happened to wander into the Gundam section while searching for Avengers movie figures and came across this. Thought it would make a good display piece, especially for Iron-Man.

Here's the box.

I don't collect Gundam so here's some images on the box how they look on the base. The base is meant for 1/144 scale Gundams. Some of the features are also shown. You can click on the images to enlarge.

This is a model kit. There aren't that many parts so it can be assembled pretty quickly.

These are the main pieces of the base. Once you get to this stage its very easy to put together and dismantled for storage.   

The base looks to be a maintenance bay for Gundam. The pieces fit together securely and the features function well. It looks a little dull colour wise but the detail makes up for it. There's nice panelling on the front.  

There's not as much detail on the back.

On the sides of the base you can put brackets and clips. You can adjust the width between brackets and the height of the clips. They're meant for guns and those long cannons that some Gundam carry.

I tried them out with some guns for 6" figures. They fit decently enough. The clips can be split apart into two. If you have a weapon which cannot be fitted in normally you can open the clip and fit it on a narrower part of the weapon. Only four clips were provided though so we'll need to come up with something for the other side of the base.  

You could possibly customise a weapons rack out of this for the Punisher.  

Here's some figures which I tried out with the base.

The main reason I bought this for is to use it with Iron-man. Several of these side by side would make for a nice armory. Only thing is a lot of space will be needed for it. 

A feature of the base is that the platform which the figure is standing on together with the back portion can be tilted. The image below shows the maximum angle it can be tilted. It can go horizontal but you'll need to fashion a stand of some sort to support it.

The base can be reconfigured to make it wider. You'll have to maually disaasemble and reassemble it.

Here's some larger sized figures which I tried with the wide configuration.  

The system base is a great display piece. It looks good and the features are useful. I think regular sized 6" or 5" figures work best with it. I'm considering picking up more.

That's all for now. Thanks for viewing! 

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I like this very much, and will do an online search for immediately! Saw it at NYCC but didn't know the product name until now. Thanks!