Monday, April 30, 2012

KFC Avengers Thor

KFC's Avengers collectable for this week is Thor.

I was hoping for Thor to be just as good as Captain America but alas he's not. The head is the worst part. The way his hair is sculpted and looks is like he's advertising for a shampoo commercial. He's got an uninterested look on his face. His pupils are so big you think he'll try the same tactic as Puss in Boots in Shrek. His torso is pretty much a rectangle with some design on it. Sorry, I got ahead of myself there. I almost forgot that this is a fast food toy. Check him out for yourself. You can click on the images to enlarge.    

Mjolnir is removeable. It fits loosely in his hand. (Caution for those with young kids or pets, the hammer is a choking hazzard.) There's a good reason for that and that is for his gimmick. Raise his rght arm until it locks into position, then push the button on his back and he'll throw his hammer. It works pretty well. I think its the best part of the toy. For articulation, you can only move his arms.

Comparison with the Hasbro figure.

That's all for now, thanks for viewing!


Anonymous said...

I'd say the fast food toy looks better painted(colour)& has better facial features.(& looks younger):)
Love iron man, though through the ad he looks the worst :)

George S. said...

I love these things, and I love Singapore's version of the toys better. Here in the Philippines, they sell those together with Petron-branded drink cups, and even have the Petron logo at the back of the base (yours does not, which is a plus for me!). :)

Great blog, by the way! I love toy blogs. I wish I had enough money to have one! :)