Monday, April 23, 2012

KFC Avengers Captain America

KFC has begun offering Avengers collectables. They're available for SG$3.80 with any KFC meal, and your drink will also be upsized from regular to medium. One character will be offered each week. For this week, its Captain America.

The figure was displayed at the counter. I was able to get a good look at it. My mind was made up in no time for the figures' size and sculpt. He's around the 4" scale. I think taller characters will fit in nicely with Hasbro's 3.75" line. Theres nice detail on him. And the paint is well applied for the most part. I would have liked his shield to be more to his side. As it is, its blocking his whole body.  

Hes got a gimmick. Roll the switch on his back and his shield will spin.

There are only two points of articulation, at the neck and right shoulder. The shield can be removed. Its slightly bigger than the one that comes with the Hasbro movie figure. There's a long peg attached to it. If we cut that and with a little modification, we would have spare shields for our 3.75" figures.  

Comparison with the Hasbro figure. I like the darker blue of his costume more. 

The base is nice too. It has the Avengers wording on it. I have a good mind of getting these figures for the base. Considering that the Marvel Universe figures with the light up bases are very expensive over here, this will be a cheaper alternative.   

The figure is glued to the base and is also attached with two pegs. It should be easy enough to remove.

Here's all the figures that will be offered. Looks like I'll be dining at KFC the next few weeks.



This is very cool! Unfortunately, I don't believe KFC has these here in the States :-(

Jason said...

Maybe not KFC, how about other fast food chains? Theres usually a toy offer of some sort for a big movie like this.

Jaden said...

Those aren't originally from KFC, it came from Petron Gas Station promo of The Avengers way back in May-June 2012 Philippines. When you purchased it, it has a cup with the face of your figurine which on the top of the cup. Although I'm surprised they did have same gimmicks though