Monday, April 16, 2012

Custom Figma Louise

While I like the Nendoroid figure, what I really wanted was a Figma. So here's my custom Figma Louise.

One of the key considerations for me was to use parts from the least number of figures as possible to keep costs down. I also didn't want to do too much painting as I'm poor at it. I'm happy to say that I only used two figures for this. I think she turned out okay. One thing which could be better is her hair. The character has a great volume of it. I was considering using K-On!'s Mugi's hair but her face was not what I was looking for and of course there's the budget to keep in mind. Figma parts are easily interchangeable, and after that its just painting. The medallion, ribbon and cloak were self made with objects lying about.      

I made the mistake of using felt for her cloak initially and so there's tiny threads stuck to her clothes. I cut up an old shirt for it in the end.

Here's some accessories I put together for her. The wand and riding crops are from the Nendoroid figure. Now I need to look for an angry face which fits this body.

Some more pics of the figure. The paint has started to come off due to my handling and posing it. 

I'll have to look into making the figure shorter. She's actually quite a short character.

The figure is in need of a repaint. I don't think I'll do it though. Sometimes the more you touch it the worse it becomes. I hope that there will be an official Figma made of her. Thanks for viewing!

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