Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nendoroid Louise

My first Nendoroid, and its one of my favourite characters, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. She's from the series Zero no Tsukaima (The Familar of Zero).

This figure will be re-released in May 2012. Was waiting for that but I found this one being sold for a good price. Happy to have it in hand. 

If you're looking for this figure, do see if you can get it from Hobby Stock. I read that extras like a diorama and standees of Saito will be included as a bonus if you preordered from them. I got that piece of info from Tomopop.   

The figure comes with interchangeable faces and arms, her cloak, her wand, two riding crops (one straight and one bent), a prayer/spell book and a base. Her hands are interchangeable too. 

The figure cannot stand on its own and you'll need to use the base. You clip the back of her legs to make her stand. It appears that the figure can only stand straight. There is articulation at her hips but I don't see how as yet how to put her in a running pose for example and remain standing. There's also articulation at her neck, shoulders and wrists. Her arms don't stay on very well, but that could be due to my figure being second hand. Right, now for some pics.

Louise looks so cute, even with her angry face!    

Has she cast a spell on you?

There's no need to be mean, she tries her best.

Look what you've done, you've made her cry.

I'll start running if I were you.

Love this figure. I hope I don't get bitten too hard by the Nendoroid bug. Thanks for viewing! 

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