Friday, March 30, 2012

Young Justice Amazo

Here's the Young Justice Collect and Connect Amazo.  

You need to get these 3 2-packs to complete Amazo. You can tell which parts each pack contains by looking at what part of Amazo is coloured on the front, or you could just look on the back where its stated.

Before I get to Amazo, let me just sidetrack to the figures of the 2-packs. I've already covered Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian which you can see here. The Flash is pretty much your standard adult figure for this line. Kid Flash is the same figure as the single carded version except for some paint differences. 

The 2-pack version is the one on the right in the picture below. The paint differences are there's flesh visible underneath his eyes, there's no red paint details on his torso, the logo is painted within the circle and he's got a black line around his waist. I did a quick check online, Kid Flash has appeared with and without the red details on his costume. The area around his eyes is usually visible and he has that black line around his waist. I would say the 2-pack version of this figure is more cartoon accurate.   

Chesire is a great figure. Especially like her mask. Its well sculpted and painted. You can make out a crack on her mask just above her right eye. Not sure if its just my figure, from the images I've seen online there doesn't appear to be a crack on her mask. Anyway, the sais on her waist are not removeable. She needs a base to stand. The base is the same as the one that came with Miss Martian. Ra's Al Ghul looks a bit weird too me. He reminds me of a rat. Possibly due to his hairdo, eyebrows and whiskers like moustache. The body is great though, I like his cape. He can stand fine on his own. 

Now on to Amazo. There are 6 parts in total to put him together.

Here's how the joints look like.

Amazo is a pretty nice figure. He's mean looking, tall and imposing as you'll see below. I think he's a little thin and could use more bulk. The black lines on his body is kind of distracting. He's missing some wristbands which would make him look better and not so bare. Would have preferred matte green instead of metallic for his pants.

He stands well above the Flash and Kid Flash.

Let's see the League deal with three Amazos at once.

Amazo has the same five points of articulation like the other figures in the line.

This is a great bunch of figures to get. You get 5 new figures plus Amazo. Looking forwrad to the next series of single carded figures which will have Superman, Green Lantern and most importantly Artemis. Thanks for viewing! 

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