Saturday, March 24, 2012

Men in Black 3: Agent J & Agent K

Here come the Men in Black.

Nice packaging. The figure stands out well against the blue background. 

Let's start with  the suits. It is a separate piece from the figure and its not removeable unless you cut it. Its rather big and it makes the characters look beefy. Theres some nice detail on them. You can make out the folds and creases and the pockets. Its made of flexible material so the figures maintain their articulation.

The figure of Agent J has a decent likeness.  The paint on the figure is poor. There's slop on his collar and you'll want to watch out for the hair and moustache. Some of his hair may be unpainted and there were several which I saw with slanted moustaches. Another thing to check for is the paint on his tie.

Agent K has some likeness to Tommy Lee Jones. Something is off which I can't put my finger on. Maybe its the cheeks. Anyway, paint wise hes also got the slop around the collar but you should have less trouble with this figure than J.     

Close up of the two.

J comes with shotgun and K comes with a particle randomizer. These were the names given on the instructions sheet.

The figures each come with a roleplay ring which converts into an accessory. J's is pictured left in the picture below and K's is on the right. A good thing about the rings is the clips have springs so they'll stay on securely, even on adult fingers if they're not too large.

J's converts into a Sonic Drifter. Its some sort of transportation device. It kind of reminds me of a Segway.

K's ring converts into a Galactic Racer. There's a green alien piloting it.

You can clip it to the figure's waist. 

Both figures have the same articulation. The head can be rotated fully, shoulders have ball and hinge, elbows are single hinge, wrists swivel, hips have ball joints. The legs can be raised up and to the side somewhat. Finally, knees have single hinge.  

Some comparison shots. These figures are shorter than most other 3.75" scale figures. They actually don't look too bad standing with this lot.

I know many of us would love to do a head swap on these so here's the joint underneath. It's the thin pinhead type and if you're not careful, it'll break.

I think a lot of other heads are going to look small on their bodies. Crusher Creel looks great though.

These are out now at local retail. Thanks for viewing!  


socram said...

Hi great toy can u please tell me the brand of the bulldog that u have with Mib or where can I get one thanks!

Jason said...

Hi, that bulldog came with the SDCC exclusive DC Universe Lobo.