Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cybertron Con 2012 Quick Tour

Just something I put together. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking them. Links to picture galleries in this post!

As you walk through the entrance, your surroundings for an instant, change to that of Cybertron (see pic above). Your route then splits into two.  

On the left side you'll find a standees of the movie versions of Bumblebee, Jazz and Ratchet. On the right side you'll find standees of the movie versions of Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave.

What separates the paths are images and props of a city in ruins.

For the purpose of this tour, we'll take the path of the Decepticons. You'll next see a statue of Bumblebee. 

G1 fans will start to get excited. Next up are the images of a giant Matrix of Leadership, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

A battle rages on the wall.

We are now at the start of the 28 Years of Transformers Toy Displays. Information of each series was displayed and for some series, there were episodes from the respective cartoons showing.  

We'll be sticking to the right side first. I don't have a good wide image of G1 so instead, it'll be G2 and Armada starting things off.

Going back to the start, we'll now be viewing what's on the left side.

And we have come to the end of the toy displays. All toy images can be viewed here.

Next up are the Transformers Re-Imagined submissions displays. You could vote for your favourite at the event itself.

You can view images of the submissions here.

It is hard to miss the 22 foot tall Optimus Prime.

Right of the Transformers Re-Imagined section, we'll see the Activsion Game Station. (Or left of the Optimus statue in the picture above).

Next is the Street Artist Gallery where you could get free caricature drawings, airbrush tattoo and face painting. Beside it is the Battle Station where you could try out for the Fastest Fingers First Competition. 

Then we enter Kre-O territory.

First up are some diorama displays. All the images can be viewed here.

Next we have the Kre-O workshop. Kids could build stuff using Kre-O parts.

And then there are the cute statues of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

We'll then reach the Kre-O Augmented Reality Interactive Zone. Bumblebee will appear live with you on screen.

Walking straight we'll hit the main stage.

The merchandise zone is just in front of it. You can view some pictures of what was sold here.

Going around the merchandise zone from the front, we'll see Optimus Prime loaded with special edition sets... 

... and the prototypes of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee by Calibre.

We'll then see the 3D Mini Theatre...

... and the Cybertronian Base and Art Room.

That concludes the tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Here's the links to the galleries again:

Toy Display Images
Transformers Re-Imagined Submissions
Kre-O Diorama

Check out some of the events on the first 3 days:
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Thanks for viewing!

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