Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Marvel Legends Series 3.75" Rage & Vision

Two more figures from this wave of 3.75" Marvel Legends, Rage & Vision.

Rage is a character I'm not familiar with. The description on the back of the card makes him seem like the Hulk. He has the build of a strong guy no doubt about that. The body reuses majority of the Bishop body and with Thunderstrike's jacket. The difference is he has new sculpted gloves with studs. I like that the studs were painted. The same for the studs and buckle of his belt which is a separate piece. He wears a mask. The design on top and at the eye holes were sculpted while the "whiskers" at his cheeks were painted. The paint apps for his eyes, nose and mouth are good.  

This Vision figure is the second version of the character who is a member of the Young Avengers. He looks good. Certainly taller and more proportionate than the figure we got in the Marvel Universe line. I would have preferred if we got the original Vision in original colours. There's hope for that seeing how Hasbro usually throws up repaints from time to time. The head sculpt is new. The gem on his forehead was sculpted which is a nice surprise. The eyes were well painted. The body uses the same body as Living Laser. The left ankle joint was done properly on this figure. The paint apps are good. The colours are clean and solid, and I like the gold they used. The cape is the same one that came with the previous figure, just gold in colour. 

Articulation. Both Rage and Vision have a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot.

Comparison shots.

Both are good looking figures. Good looking with insufficient articulation. Been a number of those for awhile now... Thanks for viewing!