Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marvel Legends Series 3.75" Living Laser

Here's a look at the Marvel Legends 3.75" Living Laser.

This figure is of Living Laser in his modern look. I'm not too familiar with what he is now. From what I read online, he's become a body of photons and it seems he has to concentrate to keep a human shape like you see below. He's got a unique head sculpt. It's shape similar to a thimble. I'm not sure if it's a helmet of some sort. The eyes and lines on his longish head were sculpted. There's some line work done around his eye which is accurate to his look and it helps them stand out better. The body reuses the Triton body with different lower legs. It was made of a vibrant, translucent purplish plastic which looks really cool. It's made to look even better with the very nice paint detail. I love the frosted white on his body. The lightning type lines were very well done and are clean and straight. His left ankle joint was poorly done. His foot faces too much to his left and cannot sit flat on the surface. 

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. It needs a bit of nudging but he can turn his head. 

Comparison shots.

A cool figure! It's a nice addition to the villains. Thanks for viewing!  

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Never seen that character before.