Friday, April 22, 2016

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Southeast Asia Press Conference in Singapore

If you didn't already know, Team Cap consisting of Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / Falcon) and Director Joe Russo are in town to promote the latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That being Captain America: Civil War.  A press conference was held yesterday. 

Moderated by Glenn Ong, we got to know a little more of what went on behind the scenes, more about the cast and their thoughts on various issues, including the no small matter of a competition between Team Cap and Team Iron-Man. Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark / Iron-Man) and co. have been calling Team Cap out on social media, throwing down the gauntlet by having the Eiffel Tower lighted up in Iron-Man's colours. "We can do something special here in Singapore," Chris Evans replied on how he intends to respond. 

(There will be a Lights and Fireworks show tonight, 22 April 2016 at 8.30pm at the Marina Bay Sands Outdoor Plaza. Don't miss it!)

So why should we watch Civil War? Joe Russo replies, "It's a culmination of films which has preceded it in the Marvel Universe and it brings all the characters together in a big family fight. The spectacle is enormous. The performances are exceptional. We have an incredible cast. It's heart breaking and a great deal of fun. You'll have a well rounded experience in the movies."

The actors were asked to describe the movie in with one word. Sebastian Stan says" heart-breaking", Chris Evans "record-setting", and Anthony Mackie suggests "ass-kicking". (I can agree with all of that.) 

On what it was like going from staging paintball battles in Greendale Community College to putting together the giant battle in Civil War. Joe Russo describes it as being a fantastic journey and a dream come true for him. 

On how they decided to pick which characters for which team. He joked that they flipped a coin. On a more serious note, the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely went through the cast they had available and unavailable, and thought very hard about who would line-up against who based on their motivations up till this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They looked for some surprising choices as they did not want it too predictable for the audience.

A question was asked if the actors prepared anything for press conferences and if they had any messages. Anthony Mackie took this one.  The short answer is "no". He says the reason they are on this tour together is to try and get to know the culture they are in and meet the people whereas Team Iron-Man are pampered and go from the press conference to the spa, and then to the jet. Team Cap learn more about the people, eating the food such as stingray and chilli crab and learning stuff like "Yes lah" and "No lah". Stuff like that is what they prepare for.

(Gotta love Anthony Mackie. He's such a fun guy. Here's another great bit from him.) 

Falcon's costume is referred to as a bird costume in the film. So how would Falcon describe the look of Team of Iron-man. "Say that one more time for me homie." he tells the journalist in a fun way. (Captured the look below.) He then proceeds describing Team Iron-Man. Iron-Man is a coke can. War Machine a thrash can. Vision a big marker. Black Panther a car tyre. As for Black Widow, he says she's perfect. (Awww).

Who were their favourite onscreen heroes and villains of all time?  For Anthony it is the Michael Keaton Batman. Chris Evans says Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice. For Sebastian Stan it's Danny Devito's Penguin and Gary Oldman in The Professional. Joe Russo says Harry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West. More names were thrown up, even Michael Biehn in everything.

(This was one of the few time Sebastian Stan spoke. We should have thrown him more questions.)

The actors were asked what their workout regiment were like. Chris Evans responded that there is no special diet or special thing that they do. They just go to the gym pick up heavy stuff and put it back down again until they cannot do anymore and then they get big after some time. Anthony Mackie adds that Chris does ultimate frisby. Which he replies not really. 

Chris Evans was asked which female comic book character would he pick to be a potential lover. He asked if Halle Berry counted. In comic books it follows a plot line whether there is a relationship to be had. With Captain America he feels he would look for something familiar. Like say he sees Sharon Carter as a reincarnation of Peggy Carter. In terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universes he feels that Captain America and Black Widow have established a nice platonic relationship so he would say Black Widow. 

Asked on the importance of Captain America: Civil War to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joe Russo replied that it is incredibly important. In The Winter Soldier we saw the dissolution of SHIELD and it changed the external structure of the Marvel Universe. He says this movie changes the psychology of the Marvel Universe in a significant way. The ramifications will carry over to Infinity War. It puts the characters in a complicated place. It is probably the most important Marvel movie today. 

The press conference concluded with a photo shoot.

Captain America: Civil War opens 28 April 2016. Be sure to catch it!

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