Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marvel Legends Series 3.75" Gamora

The deadliest woman in the galaxy, Gamora.

Gamora is another of my most wanted figures as this completes a core team of the Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG). A minor downside is she's in her Marvel NOW costume, compared to the uniforms of the other GOTG members we got previously. She fits in quite well with them actually as you'll see later but you want the proper costumes from a certain period you know. The figure is all new. She's got a nice head sculpt. I like the hair which is slightly wind swept. Both eyes were well painted and they have the yellow around the eyes. Her lips were painted a nice metallic green. Her suit has lots of great sculpted detail. The overall look is let down by the paint apps which are a bit of a mess. There's splotching and bleeding in several places. My figure has loose hips which is annoying and she tends to fall forwards. 

Just to show what they did with her elbow pads. They are sculpted on the forearm side. They look fine when she's standing straight and will stick out when the elbows are bent.

She comes with the Godslayer sword. It's made of very soft plastic. The grip is a bit stiffer thankfully. I like that they painted it. It looks pretty good.

She also comes with a gun. It looks like the same gun that came with Bishop and there's great detail on it. Without any paint it looks plasticky.

Articulation. She's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. 

Comparison shots.

Nice figure! I would have preferred a different costume but I don't mind this. Thanks for viewing!


Zach C. said...

I laughed pretty hard at that great decapitation pic.
Though I gotta say with them having removed the torso articulation from all the new figures I just can't bring myself to buy them. At the very least leave in a basic waist swivel and I'll buy every figure (even at the inflated prices) Hasbro.

Unknown said...

Hasbro's marketing creeps probably calculated how many sales they would lose and found that they would improve their bottom line by producing crappy figures even if collectors like us stop buying them. 2011-2013 will be forever remembered as a golden age of Marvel 3.75" toys. It must be frustrating for the designers/sculptors. The details show genuine love for their work and the characters, then the production gets ruined by dispassionate executive decisions.