Thursday, September 26, 2013

G.I.JOE Retaliation Cobra Commander (Ultimate)

Cobraaaa! Here's a look at the Ultimate Cobra Commander from the GIJoe Retaliation line. 

Though the figure is based on the GIJoe: A Real American Hero look, the packaging used is from GIJoe: Retaliation. I would have preferred if the "ultimate" figures had their own line. But no matter, as long as the figures make it out.

This looks to be the best Cobra Commander figure yet! The sculpt is superb. The proportions and colours are good, he's got great articulation and he has useful accessories.

He comes with a number of accessories. There's an extra interchangeable hooded head, a gun, a knife a base, two bombs and the Fang helicopter flight pack. The gun has some nice detail on it. I would have liked if it could be attached to his back like on the vintage figure. The knife is too small for him to grip and it falls out of his hand easily. The knife can be stored in the sheath on his left leg.

Close-ups of the two heads. Both were very well done. The helmeted head is very shiny and reflective. It's not dark coloured as in some of the pics. That's due the setup around him being mostly black. The hooded head is very nice. The cloth detail is one thing, I also like the glaring look of his eyes. 

The helmet is separate from his shiny head and is removable.

The Fang flight pack takes me back. I remember I had the motorized blue helicopter action pack. It was one of my favourites. This pack is not nearly as fun. The blades don't function as well as I would have liked. You push the grey lever and the blades rotate one time at most. You'll be frustrated first before you make him "fly". Oh and take note, once the blades are attached it'll be difficult to remove. Fang has some nice detail on it. It's got the sculpted mechanical parts and missiles. The words were painted on very well. It beats applying stickers. The straps can be adjusted a little. You can tighten it easily but it's a little troublesome to loosen them. When equipped, the figure has trouble standing. 

One bomb can be stored in the compartment on the pack. There's a grey button below the lever. When pushed, the compartment will spring open and the bomb will drop out. I stuck the bomb in the compartment for illustration purposes.

Articulation. There's a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel and vertical hinge right wrist, swivel and lateral hinge left wrist, torso pivot, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He should be able to run better with the improved leg articulation. Lol. 

Comparison shots. One look between this and the 25th Anniversary version and you'll see how much better this figure is. The most noticeable improvement is that he doesn't have a belt on his stomach. The head and helmet look better and I also prefer this shade of blue. 

Great figure. This is truly THE ultimate Cobra Commander. For now... Thanks for viewing!

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Great post. I had to borrow for the Cave of Cool since I am on a Cobra Commander kick lately.