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STGCC 2013 wraps up with a record-breaking attendance of 40,000

STGCC 2013 wraps up with a record-breaking attendance of 40,000
Local pop culture show sees growth in various aspects

Singapore, 9 September 2013 – The sixth edition of Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) experienced a spike in numbers across the board this year. The most significant increase lies in the show attendance. Drawing close to 40,000 local and regional visitors over the weekend of 31 August and 1 September, STGCC has seen a compelling growth from 35,000 last year.

With a rise of 40% in exhibitor number and 20% in the count of STGCC exclusives and product launches, the local show has matured into a notable platform for pop culture exchange of the East and West. The performance of the show has further strengthened its position as the largest stage that brings toys, games and comics to consumers in Southeast Asia.

“The year-on-year growth of the show has affirmed the direction that we’ve been steering the show towards. This is how we’ve always envisioned our pop culture show to be – international content for a regional audience, right here in Singapore,” said Ms Yeow Hui Leng, Senior Project Director of STGCC.

“STGCC has grown beyond a retail show. It is now an annual event for brands to connect with fans, and show their appreciation to them. We are confident of bringing more quality brands on board future editions of STGCC,” said Ms Yeow.

What fans raved about STGCC 2013

The hourly giveaways at Marvel Booth attracted huge crowds of fans as they vied for a chance to win the exclusive T-shirts, badges, posters and coasters from the Marvel Universe trivia challenge. Captain America was seen greeting the excited fans at STGCC.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man had shifted his Hall of Armor to STGCC this year. A project by Hot Toys and Action City, the display consists of exact life-size replicas from Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion in the Iron Man 3 blockbuster, showcasing the full collection of authentic movie armors – the Mark I through the Mark VII, with the Mark XLII as the centerpiece.

Fantasy came alive on stage, with up to 50 enthusiastic cosplayers strutting down the runway at STGCC. Characters across the genres of toys, games and comics gathered on stage amidst bright lights and endless camera flashes during the Cosplay Runway.

The Walk of Fame received overwhelming response from the ground, where local and regional fans got to be up-close and personal with top-notch pop culture personalities at STGCC. Most of the 24 personalities this year made their first exclusive appearances in Singapore at the show.

Fans got their caricatures done at the Artist Alley, a special segment at the annual event that features rising talent in Southeast Asia. This year’s Artist Alley is packed with 131 participants with a variety of pop culture offerings, up from 94 last year as more recognised STGCC as a viable platform for creative talent showcase.

Collectible figures proved to be the best selling STGCC exclusives this year. All Hot Toys 1/6th scale Midas (Mark XXI) [Iron Man 3] exclusives were sold out within the first day of STGCC. U-toys Soldier Story and Super Alloy show exclusives received stunning responses as well.

Gaming content littered the show floor. Excited gamers got to try out the highly acclaimed Tales of Xillia at the booth of Namco Bandai Games Asia. Disney Infinity, the latest video game that features popular characters from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, caught the hearts of both children and parents at STGCC.

What fans thought about STGCC 2013

Sharlene Tan from the Philippines enjoyed her time at the New York Comic Con and she has been looking for a similar experience much closer to home. “STGCC did not disappoint me at all,” she said. “We fully maximised our 2-day VIP passes and got our hands on some amazing artwork. We even met a couple of legendary artists at the Marvel booth, which is something that we wouldn’t be able to get here in the Philippines.”

Andre Chee from Singapore expressed that STGCC has provided fan boys a once in a lifetime chance to get up-close to their idols. “With such awesome international and regional artists on board, STGCC really lives up to its name as the coolest event of the year!” he said.

“I’m a cosplayer cum comic-fan from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and STGCC is my very first overseas convention. I must say that this is such a wonderful experience for me – Getting up-close with famous cosplayers, indulging in a world of awesome art and toy designs, and even making new friends at the show. Now I’m still having post-STGCC blues. I’ll definitely come for the next edition!” said Joanna Lye, who hails from Malaysia.

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