Tuesday, September 3, 2013

STGCC 2013 Part 2: Play Imaginative

Here's what went on at the Play Imaginative and Super Alloy booths. They had over 100 Super Alloy figures on display, autograph sessions and more!

The above and bottom images are of the 1/4 scale Iron Man Super Alloy figures.

Next up are the 1/12 scale figures. Iron Man fans were really being spoilt.

You can view the 1/12 gallery here.
I've arranged them in sequence from the Mark 1 to the Mark 42.

The 1/12 scale Iron Monger and Whiplash looked really good.

Iron Monger


The 1/12 scale Hammer Drones were revealed at STGCC and they were available for pre-order.

Army Drone

Air Force Drone

Navy Drone

Marine Drone

There was a 1/4 scale Hall or Armor display. And standing in the center was Pepper Potts in the Mark XLII.

The sculpt looks gorgeous.

Pepper Potts

And here are some of the different heads.

Adi Granov (illustrator), who's been working closely with Play Imaginative on the Iron Man Super Alloy figures was at the booth. You could have your Iron Man Super Alloy figures signed.

Adi Granov

You could also find the "Iron Girls". Tony Stark would have been pleased.

Another highlight of the booth was the life-size Mark XLII. You could sit next to him, just like in the scene from Iron Man 3. The queue for the photo opportunity was always long. 

Now for the DC New 52 Super Alloy figures. Several prototypes were on display.

The new figures are the New 52 Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg.

Superman was available for purchase.

Those in Asia may recognise this next figure. It's Lao Fu Zi (Old Master Q). I used to read the comics. There were two versions of him on display.

This next figure is from Dragon Tiger Gate. I don't know his name but I'll update you when I find out.

There were also lots of vinyl figures, Mini World and Trexis on display as well.

Check back soon. Thanks for viewing!

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