Sunday, September 1, 2013

STGCC 2013: Day 1 Quick Images

Man I'm beat! Had a great time on Day 1 of STGCC. This looks to be the best STGCC ever! Don't believe me? Here's some quick images.

Marvel has a large presence at this year's event so I'll start there.

As the host says, Marvel is the most happening booth at STGCC. Freebies are given out every hour! There's badges and posters. Answer simple questions and you can get shirts and tickets for sneak peaks!

You can catch Marvel talent like David Mack and Joe MAD at the booth too! 


There was a Marvel Cosplay Parade today as well. There won't be one on Day 2 unfortunately.

Next up is the Hot Toys booth which is always a crowd puller.

The displays are bigger and better.

There's lots and lots of figures.

Including the just revealed Zod from Man of Steel!

Then there's the life-size replica of the Hall of Armor. Awesome!

Not to be outdone, Play Imaginative has over 100 Super Alloy figures on display.

And you can catch Adi Granov at their booth too!

Adi Granov

I caught two Marvel panels today and also Tam's performance. There'll be more things happening on stage on day 2, including 4 Marvel related panels, a cosplay panel and the Cosplay Runway.

Left to Right: C.B Cebulski, Joe MAD, David Mack

Cort Lane (right)


Meet the guests cosplayers! I missed Aza... hopefully I can catch her tomorrow. I did catch Vampy. She was cosplaying Jun from Gatchaman! I remember watching that.

Vampy Bit Me

Some images from the event hall. Lots of things going. 

That's all for now. I need to get some rest for day 2! Thanks for viewing!

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