Monday, September 2, 2013

STGCC 2013: Day 2 Quick Images

Just a few images for you here. I'll be putting up various segments of STGCC 2013 as soon as I can. Look out for them!

Marvel: Your Universe by C.B Cebulski

Marvel Animation Spotlight with Cort Lane

Cosplay Panel with Vampy and Aza (Center)

Lifesize Mark 42 at Play Imaginative (PI)

"Iron Girls" at PI

Hall of Armor 

Hot Toys Lone Ranger

Enterbay LeBron James

ZCWO MU Giggs and Rooney

Hasbro Marvel Universe display at Marvel booth

Angry Woebots Chopper Head

Luke Chueh

Punakawan Studio

And some shots from the from the Cosplay Runway.


Check back soon! Thanks for viewing!

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