Friday, September 28, 2012

Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Sergeant Kup

I tried to keep to only characters who have appeared in the cartoon. But having seen some images online, I thought Kup looked pretty cool and so I got him. And a good thing is some stores had a discount on it.

Interestingly some European cards have showed up at retail. The regular US card is also available if it matters to you.

His vehicle mode is a truck. Its neat and compact. He comes with two barrel like guns.

You can attach them on the back.

Or at the sides of the doors for some road mayhem.

Here's various angles of him in vehicle mode. If the slideshow isn't working properly, just refresh.

Cruising along with his fellow Autobots.

Here's his transformation sequence. You need to use a bit of force to open the hood. I was afraid I was going to break it that I actually called a friend to ask him about it.

If the slideshow isn't working properly, just refresh.

This is the official robot mode. Like many others, I found his "shoulder covers" silly. He looks fine from the front but rather sad from the sides. And the hood sticking out like that is a bit of an eyesore.

So I left the whole cover portion on his back. Some others have taken a step further and reattached the hood in the reverse direction.

Here's various views of him in this slightly changed robot mode. If the slideshow isn't working properly, just refresh.

This figure is supposed to be Ironhide. You can tell from the way his head is sculpted. If you prefer him to Kup, just wait for a bit. He will be released from TakaraTomy. I think the two will look good together. 

Here are some shots of Kup in action. He's got good articulation. I would have liked if he had some waist or torso articulation. You can attach the guns to his forearms. I prefer him to hold them. 

The guns may be combined to form a larger one.

Size wise, he's rather small.

But that won't stop him from kicking some Decepticon behinds.

He should be available in most stores. Thanks for viewing!


BigDaddyDarth said...

Pretty nice looking figure for sure!

3B said...

Looks good! I spotted him in store a week or two ago, but passed. I wasn't sure if I wanted him or Ironhide because they haven't actually appeared in the show, yet. I'm reconsidering that.