Saturday, September 8, 2012

STGCC 2012 Part 5: Artist Alley & Personalities

The Artist Alley is always an interesting place to check out. There were 95 local and foreign participants this year so there was plenty to see.  

Here's just a glimspe of some of the items that were available.


And some of the artists and personalities you could meet.

Kelvin Chan (right)

Leinil Yu
Some personalities you could find in the Artist Alley, others at various booths. Here's Tristan Eaton at work.

Tristan Eaton

He actually completed the following piece in Singapore. It was to be given away in a lucky draw.

You could also catch toy designers The Beast Brothers (Carlos and Ernesto East).

Beast Brothers

Mark Brooks, a Marvel Comics illustrator could be found at the 8-Bit Media booth. He was actually hosted by Invasion! Toys & Collectibles whose booth was just beside. Other personalities you could find at the 8-Bit Media booth include illustrators Mark Torres, Jason Paz, Mico Suayan, Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia.

Mark Brooks

If you missed them at the booths, there was always the Walk of Fame. 

TOUMA is a designer for the Knuckle Bear toy.


Martin Hsu is an illustrator and has designed characters for Disney TV Animation and Nickelodeon.

Martin Hsu
Wendy Chew is a "chibi" art illustrator. Her work is really cute.

Wendy Chew (center)
She lanched a new sketchbook at STGCC and her first vinyl toy "Honnie".

If you wanted to know more about the personalities and what they do, there were 10 panels conducted at the stage. 

Spotlight on Andy Diggle (right)

Ultimate Toy Panel
L-R: Mark Nagata, coarse, Beast Brothers, Tristan Eaton, Martin Hsu

All the images here.

Check back soon for more on STGCC!

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