Tuesday, September 4, 2012

STGCC 2012 Part 2: Play Imaginative & The Falcon's Hangar

There were more toys on display this year. Here are the displays from the Play Imaginative and The Falcon's Hangar booths.

Play Imaginative has a new line of Super Alloy 1/6th scale collectable figures coming out. Half of their booth was used to showcase them. Batman by Jim Lee is the first figure in the line. There were several displays of the figure in various poses. The staff also had samples so you could check it out for yourself.

Special Edition 1/6th scale Batman with gloss finish

There are two versions of the figure, one with gloss finish and one matte version. The gloss version (below left) is a STGCC exclusive special edition and you could only purchase it at the event. The matte version (below right) will be available for sale later this month.   

Matte version

The next Super Alloy 1/6th collectable figure from Play Imaginative is Iron Man Mark VII. He was shown for the first time at STGCC. He will have over 50 points of articulation. The eyes and arc reactor are able to light up. He will come with a Hall of Armour display which lights up as well. Just a single section though, not the whole display as you see in the pics. 

Aside from the 1/6 scale figures, Play Imaginative had their various toy lines on display such as Mini World, Vinyl Art Figures and Trexi.
Disney Mini World and Mickey Vinyl Art Figures
Also on display were the upcoming Disney and Spongebob Squarepants Trexi. 

Disney and Spongebob Squarepants Trexi

The Justice League Logo and Spongebob Squarepants Trexi were pre-released at the event.

Moving on to The Falcon's Hangar booth. The products of various toy companies such as Dragon, DID, ACI, ZC World, Legend Studio and Kids Logic were showcased exclusively at their booth. 

ACI display

Jason Siu's 1/6 Primates in Concrete Jungle #1 & #2

ZC World 1/6 Figures

Qpower One Piece Series

Kids Logic's new Egg Attack Iron Man series was on display. There are four of them. Shown below are the Iron Man Mark IV and War Machine. The other two are the Mark V and Mark VI which you can see pics of in the gallery. They look really good and have great detail on them. They also have light up features and appear to have good articulation. 

Also from Kids Logic, the Saint Seiya Cosmos Burning Collection. The figures were available for purchase.

The Saint Seiya CBC Deformed Athena Saori (TOEI Limited Edition) was limited to only 20 pieces for the event!

Athena Saori

Thundercats Hooooo! Also on display were Bandai's Thundercats figures. 

A STGCC 2012 exclusive! The 8" Thundercats Lion-O (Mumm-ra version). He comes in STGCC 2012 exclusive packaging with bonus chrome weapons and weapon rack. He was only available through the Falcon's Hangar. Aside from the red deco, the figure and accessories are the same as the SDCC 2011 exclusive Lion-O. I hope for more exclusives like this in future events.

The image gallery can be viewed here.
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