Thursday, September 6, 2012

STGCC 2012 Part 3: Toys & Merchandise

A wide variety of products was available at STGCC. Here's just a sample. 

Some of the best deals were on the TPBs with some going as low as SGD15.


U-toys had a showcase of Soldier Story figures at their booth. The STGCC 2012 exclusive USMC Francis X. Hummel figure was available form them.


They also had a number of Transformers on display and for sale.

There were lots of action figures to browse through. Its mostly older items but if you had holes in your collection you could probably fill some of it here. Some of the newer items I saw of personal interest include the Marvel Universe Comic 2-packs (eg.Future Foundation Doctor Doom & Spider-man), SDCC 2012 Marvel Universe Masters of Evil 3-pack and Mattel's DC Universe All Stars New 52 series.

Japanese products were well represented.


Posters, art prints and yet more toys!
Over at the Singpost booth, you could pick up the newly launched Star Wars MyStamp Collection. Each Collection comes with a book embedded with 11 stamp sheets and is housed in a premium gift box. Its limited to 3000 pieces worldwide! If you missed it at STGCC, you can still get it from the post office provided its still available.
Speaking of Star Wars, at the Star and 501st Legion (Singapore Garrison) booth, there were three large Lego displays and a Star Wars display. And when you made a donation to charity, you could "Shoot the Trooper".



Their displays always have easter eggs for you to find. The following are what I found:
In the town display
- Captain America riding a bike
- Thor hitting the bell
- Loki hiding in a second floor room
- War Machine overlooking the town
- Black costume Spider-man hanging from a fire escape
In the Lord of the Rings display
- A sniper on the hill
- Iron Man hiding in a tower
In the Rebellion's hangar
- Peter Parker taking a photo of Han Solo
- Hulk hiding underneath the Millenium Falcon
- Hawkeye and Black Widow in the Imperial Shuttle
In the Empire's hangar
- Spider-man and Indiana Jones hanging out on the Imperial Shuttle
- Kirk and Spock in the Imperial Shuttle
- E.T hiding underneath the Imperial Shuttle
- Old Spock standing in the ranks of the Death Star Troopers
I'm aware of issues with the slideshow. Just refresh and it'll be fine.

There's still more! I haven't even touched on the Artist Alley yet. Those will be in another post. In the mean time, here's the Image Gallery for this segement.

Check back soon!

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