Saturday, September 8, 2012

STGCC 2012 Part 6: Cosplay and Performances

L-R: Touya Hibiki and Housaka Yun

It wouldn't be a Pop Culture Convention without cosplayers. So here they are.

Japanese cosplayers Touya Hibiki, Kousaka Yun and Tadaaki "Jacky" Dosai were at the event. The lines to take a photo with them at the Cosplay Phototaking Booth were incredibly long and there were hordes of photographers snapping pics from the side. The best time to get a clear shot of them with the least fuss was when they were on stage during their Cosplay Panel.

I saw a lot more western character cosplayers this year. I managed to catch several of them. Here's Iron Man and Oracle. You can click on the images to enlarge.

This Spider-man cosplayer was very flexible. He was very obliging and did a number of poses. 

With my limited knowledge I didn't recognise many of the anime and manga cosplayers. Here are some which I did. My personal favourite is of Elsie (below left) from The World God Only Knows which I only recently came to know about. The other pic is of Rin Tosaka and Archer from Fate Stay Night.

You got to admire the effort put into some of the costumes.

Here's a short slideshow. I didn't take many pics of them this time round.

Just refresh if there are any issues with the slideshow.

On the final day of STGCC, there was a Cosplay Runway where 50 cosplayers took their turn in the spotlight. I only got a few photos of them as I was constantly blocked by other photographers. I'll be sure to find a better spot next year.   

There were several performances held on stage. One of them was by FightSaber. They are a group based in Singapore with a cast from around the region who perform lightsaber duels. Check it out for yourself.   

It was DJ Night at the end of Day 1 with MONOMIND and Zaneeds "doing battle" and playing their segments. 


The best performance of the event was by Piko. He was performing live for the first time in South East Asia and he didn't disappoint his fans, some of whom queued early to get close to the stage. I even got goosebumps from listening to him. Cheered on by a lively and energetic crowd, he performed several of his songs including Sakurane and Make My Day! I only recognised these two as they were used in the Gintama and Binbougami Ga! animes. I've no pics of his performance unfortunately. I got carried away watching him perform.

I'll be wrapping it up in the next segment. Check back soon!

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Thanks for the FightSaber mention!

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nearly full coverage of the 2 days event..good job!!