Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gunpla Expo Singapore 2012

The Gunpla Expo 2012 was held from 30th August to 9th September at the NEX atrium. With the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) going on that same weekend, I couldn't make it down till the start of the new week.

Here's the rough layout of the exhibits. It kind of looks like a stick figure from the top view. The "head" was where you could purchase the kits. The "neck" was where you could find the Gundam Seed displays. Gundam Unicorn was displayed on the near side and Gundam Age on the opposite side. At the foot they were showcasing the SD Gundam Capsule Fighter game and there was also a very cool Gundam diorama. There was one more section at the bottom right where overseas exclusives and Gundam by Taiwanese Celebrities were displayed.

Notice the ceiling? Great use of the lights and it really adds to the experience.

This awesome diorama was put up by Hobby Art @ Work.

Here are the overseas exclusives displays. This first one is exclusive to China.

I'm not familiar with Gundam. So reading from the description, the RX-78-2 Gundam China Special was produced because Gundam was becoming more and more popular in China and it was also in celebration of the Year of the Dragon (this year).   
This next display are of the exclusives you could purchase only at Gundam Front Tokyo (located in Diver City Tokyo). Gundam Front Tokyo is a place where you can find everything about Gundam. It just opened in April this year. The 1/1 real size Gundam is located there.  

There was also showcase of some of Mr Katsumi Kawguchi's Gundams. He was advertised for the event but unfortunately was unable to make it.

I found the display of Gundams by Taiwanese Celebrities the most interesting for their wacky designs.


Here are some of the upcoming items that were on display.

And the Limited Edition items that were available this year.

Most of them were sold out when I was there.

You could check out the local and overseas winning entries of the Gundam Mid-Year Challenge. 

The displays were very well done. Love the decos.

And of course the Gundams.


All of the images here.

Do make it a point to visit the Gunpla Expo next year. 
Thanks for viewing!


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