Sunday, December 11, 2011

Young Justice 4" Speedy and Kid Flash

With the Justice League Unlimited line ending, here's a look at Speedy and Kid Flash from the Young Justice line. These figures were actually released several months ago in the US. As far as I know, they are not available locally yet. 

The figures are based on their appearance in the cartoon. They have five points of articulation, at the neck, shoulders and hips. And each single carded figure comes with a piece of the collect and connect Hall of Justice diorama.

Speedy is a nice figure. Like the look and the strong colours. The tip of the cap is made of soft plastic. It's warped on my figure and its covering part of his face. I should be able to straighten that out. The lower part of his costume restricts him from lifting up his legs fully. Being able to stand has always been a problem for JLU figures. On most of the Young Justice figures I have, the legs feel more solid. However, it seems that the softer plastic is used in their arms. Speedy is able to stand well. The quiver of arrows on his back is not removeable. Like that some of the feathers on the arrows are painted.   

Speedy comes with a bow accessory. It fits nicely in his hand.

Kid Flash has a good head sculpt. The goggles look natural on him. His plain body is a good example to show the muscle definition on Young Justice figures, which is more than on a  JLU figure. Kid Flash has trouble standing. His legs feel pretty solid. I think its more to do with the way his legs are angled. His feet are not flat on the ground.        

Kid Flash comes with a bag of fast food. 

The figures are smaller in size than JLU. As the characters are teens, they fit in well.

I think the figures look pretty good. They're nice additions to the DC animated collection.

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