Thursday, December 8, 2011

100th Post: DC Animated Collection

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My 100th post! And it's also almost a year since I started this blog. Made a new header and cleaned the place up abit. For this milestone post, I would like to share my DC Animated collection with you. But before that, I would like thank everyone for visiting. Especially Super Duper Toy Box for dropping by so often.          

First up is Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) line. I watched the cartoon back then, but I didn't start collecting them until I saw a bunch of the figures at a relatives' place. By then I was late in the game. I remember it was when the Mask of the Phantasm cards were on the pegs. I had to get majority of the BTAS figures from the secondary market. The Penguin was and still is one of my most expensive DC animated figures.

The shelf in the pic below is a mixture of BTAS, The New Batman Adventures(TNBA) and some custom figures. I use the TNBA versions of Joker and Two-Face here due to space constraints and also because they look better. The figure of Ra's Al Ghul in suit has eluded me till this day, not that I actively search for it anymore. So in its place is a custom. Ra's and Clock King were based on recipes I found on the net. Can't remember whose, as it was some years ago.             

To see some great DC animated customs, check out Inanimte Objects and also Custom Justice.

Superman:The Animated Series (STAS) naturally followed, and also Batman Beyond (BB). For STAS, the Superheroes vs Super Villains 4-pack helped fill up the holes quickly. The carded singles of Bizzaro and Metallo were tough to get. Darkseid too, but I managed to get him. He's not on the shelf as he takes up a lot of space. He's also got that awful squatting pose. One figure which I don't have and would love to get is Lois Lane. Just not at a high price. 

My Batman Beyond collection was done pretty quickly. Besides Batman, there was only the Jokerz, J's Gang and Blight to get. And also a Terry Mcginnis head Batman and an Ace pack in. There were far too many versions of Batman in this line. Unfortunate as there were some cool characters in the cartoon.   

Jumping to The Batman line. I'm using an old picture as I have packed up these figures for the time being. Scale issues aside, this was a pretty good line. Almost all the Batman villains were made and we also got a number of heroes too. A number of these figures were available at local retail and it made collecting them a little easier. Bane is my favourite. Big and mean. Would have liked him to be bigger. Actually, a bigger sized Bane was supposed to be released but it never did. Not shown in the pic are Poison Ivy, Scarface and Ventriloquist. They were the last two figures I got and there was not enough space for them.       

I had no intention of collecting this Batman: The Brave and the Bold line. I didn't like the style and the big holes on the figures. Then someone sold me a lot of them cheaply. They may not look good individually but as a group, it has its appeal. The collecting bug bit and I started picking up figures when the price was decent.        

When Action League was revealed, I knew I would get them instead of the 5" line. They looked cute, had more characters available and they could square off against Marvel Super Hero Squad. The problem for me with this line was that it was not available locally. I had to get my whole collection from overseas.

(*cue JLU theme)

After 8, or was it 9 years, the Justice League line is done. Or is it? There are rumours going round that previously annouced figures may still be released. Anyway, here is my collection. You may think the display looks good now but just wait till one of them decides to take a tumble. Its a very frustrating line to collect. At least fifty percent of the figures I had to get from overseas. And the way these figures were released meant I got more than ten each of the big seven. I'm probably exaggerating there but you get the idea. It was a good thing the line was sold on Mattycollector at the end. There were hardly any more repeat characters and I could shop there instead of ebay.      

Here's the villains shelf.

And here's the rest. The shelves are full and there are several figures not pictured, like the Justice Guild. If there are any more releases I'll have to see how to squeeze them in. 

That's it for my DC Animated collection. Thanks for viewing!  


Vern said...

Wow. And just the DC Animated collection! Hats off to you for an impressive collection that has been planned well, neatly arranged and from the looks of it, regularly cleaned.

I'm not much of a DC person but I guess somewhere along the way DC and Marvel fans meet and I'm pretty sure I have that Mr Freeze from the Batman line (as well as Killer Croc there?) stashed away in one of the big plastic bags used for keeping old toys we all have somewhere at home.

I've seen your collection elsewhere but it was quite a while back if I can remember correctly. Can't wait for the Marvel updates!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Killer! Nice job with the pics, too- all can be seen clearly. What an awesome collection!

Jason said...

Thanks all!

Kal said...

What a fantastic collection. I like to display mine in the boxes but when I see loose figures shown off like this it makes my heart beat faster. Really terrific stuff.