Monday, December 12, 2011

Young Justice 4" Black Canary and Superboy

A look at a couple more Young Justice figures. I hope to give a better picture of the line and its compatibility with JLU figures.

Black Canary is the first female figure in the line. She looks good. Decent likeness. Her facial expression is a little off to me. Her hair is flexible. You can rotate her head fully, just that its a little hindered. Her jacket is really nice. It feels thinner than say JLU Question's trenchcoat. And the lapels are sculpted too.  She's wearing a very tight leotard as you can make out her belly button. And shes got on thick looking boots which enables her to stand well.

She comes with a staff which she can hold very well.

Comparison with the JLU version.

Superboy has a good likeness. He's got that brooding expression on his face. Like the S logo on his shirt, its well done and sharp. There's a little bit more detail on this figure. You can make out the pockets and folds on his jeans, and there's some ridges on his shoes. He can stand well on his own. Overall he's a decent figure, but I feel he's too thin and scrawny. He's supposed to be bigger in size than most of the other members of the team. And he wore baggier looking jeans. This figure seams to be wearing the super slim cut. And also, his belt is missing. It should have been painted on at least.    

He comes with an exhaust pipe accessory. There's a little groove near the muffler to allow him to grip it better. Due to the sculpt and the softness of his hand, it doesn't look as good if he held it at the other end. 

Black Canary fits in well with both Young Justice and JLU.

Superboy is of a decent height.

Just a quick word on Batman. He's got a serious enough expression on his face. Like that his cape covers a bit more of the top of his chest. Would like a figure with him covering up with his cape, with this figure there's a hint of that. Don't like the black outlines on his costume, think it spoils his look. Batman is taller than both the JLU Superman and Wildcat. From the pics on the net, it looks like the adult male characters are all taller. I don't think I'll be picking up more of such figures in the line, unless a character looks really good and can get away with being a taller. 

The boys are all here. Where are the girls?
Like that Superboy and Aqualad are a little taller than Robin and Speedy. And as I mentioned earlier, I feel Superboy needs to have more bulk.

Black Canary is slightly taller than Aqualad and Superboy.

Just two more figures to go to complete the main Young Justice team. Hope to see more teen and female characters in the line.

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

great pic! i love those- have NEARLY bought some more than twice :D

Jason said...

Thanks! I read some stores in the US have a BOGO offer on these. If they had this offer here I'll be tempted to get more too.

David Tay said...

Hi, may I ask where do you normally get your DC collectible figures at? Is there any specific shop that you often go to? Cause I wanna buy the batman new animated series Nightwing figure and also young justice figurines...